Private Fees

Full upper or lower acrylic denture                          €500

Full upper and lower acrylic dentures from            €1000

Partial upper or lower acrylic denture from            €380

Cobalt chrome denture upper or lower                    €950

Flexible nylon denture                                                €650

Ivobase injection moulded denture                           €650


Denture repair                                                             €50

Repair with impression                                              €60

Reline                                                                           €130

One tooth addition                                                       €80

each additional tooth                                                  €20

Consultation                                                                €40 

Additional costs for optional extras including clasps, clear palate, gold inlay etc can be discussed at consultation visit.

Medical Card Holders

Patients with a valid medical card are entitled to replacement dentures every five years under the dental primary care reimbursement service.

Denture repairs and additions are also covered on your medical card.